Delivery Teams

Born to be Local

Designed to be Independent

Planned as a Business model

Programmed for High performance


Delivery Teams is a Cloud Computing project aimed to serve as bridge between business owners and customers in towns and small cities. Our initial population target is between 10,000 and 40,000 people for each Team.


Our focus is our local community. Most small business owners, as well as other small producers, can't add a delivery service to their business model because of the the little return on the investment that small towns offer.

By offering our service to any and all businesses in our town, and at a fraction of the individual cost, the viability and profitability of adding delivery service to their business model is now much more attractive, thus possible.

The directors of Delivery Teams group have set forth a number of business guidelines that are expected to be copied in order to maintain homogeneity in the service, regardless of its service area. This been said,

each Team is an independent business entity; as such, each Team manager runs the business the way they decide is best, from their fees to their delivery area.

High performance

Each team is equipped with at leat one high performance Linux® Server running an extended version of our Restaurateur Pro interface.

This Server control each and all aspects of the local team, authorizes ( or not ) Terminals, adds or removes providers, keep record of customers, local links, offers, coupons, news, etc.

These Servers are the only devices allowed to interact with the Restaurateur Pro Web Service.

Net Terminals

Connect to the Delivery Teams network and start offering delivery service to your customers right away.

Perfect for restaurants, bakeries, delis, organic farmers, etc. If you can produce it, Delivery Teams can deliver it for you!
Or you can deliver it yourself.*

Main Features

Monitor received orders in real time
Print received orders automatically
Manage your online menu
Manage employee access to terminal
Manage your individual settings
Full reports module
Strong AES-256Bits encryption
Continuous development

* This option is under development and might not be available immediately.

Restaurateur Pro

Restaurateur Pro, now in its 3rd revision, is a custom design, full featured POS System specifically for Restaurants.

At the time of its programming more than twenty years of resturant business experience significally influenced the final outcome, its robustness, stability, and easiness of use.

The software installs over any operating system, but we provide our Servers and Terminals running Linux® for the dependability and reliability that this OS has maintained over the years.

Actively maintained, the dependency both our child projects have on the very core of this system influenced my the decision to turn it into a Web Service rather than sell it individually.

Pic extracted from 2005 brochure


  • Modular Design
  • Any number of terminals and input devices
  • Remote, encrypted access to Administrative Tasks
  • Included modules
    • Dinning-Room Orders
    • Bar-Room Orders
    • Register / Cash Management
    • Employees Management
    • Times Clock / Payroll Calc
    • Reports
  • Optional modules
    • Online-Orders
    • Carry-Out / Customers Management
    • Providers / Inventory Managment
    • Credit Card processing Gateway access